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Blue Light

Visible Blue Light Threat

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Research has found that increasing use of smart phones, tablets, and computer screens is creating problems in the form of “digital eyestrain,” with long term effects in the form of possible macular degeneration and even changes to our sleeping patterns! More and more there are science models that are suggesting that chronic exposure to High Energy Visible Blue Light (HEV) could potentially lead to macular issues of the retina. In addition, the hardest light for the eye to process is the visible “blue light,” because it is myopically defocused in front of the retina, and is already slightly out of focus when it is processed by our eyes.

The good news is that we have lens treatments to help block the HEV/Blue Light (430 nm wavelength) to reduce the “Digital Eyestrain” long term effects on the macula and to prevent disruption of our natural circadian rhythm. Of course, we are seeing the importance of this in the youngest and oldest patients. In older adults, we will discuss macular health and nutrition too.

If you or a family member spend a lot of time on a mobile phone, computer, and other digital devices, such as hand-held digital books and tablets, we have lens treatments to help eliminate the effects of this with eyeglass lenses.

In our office, we utilize the “Visioffice “by Essilor powered by Activision ® to select the best lens and treatment options for our patients, including lens treatments to block the High Energy Blue Light. We can demonstrate your lens treatments and help find the best options for you. One of the newest lens treatments by Essilor we prescribe, that blocks the HEV blue light, is the Crizal Prevencia ®.

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